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Calla Lily Silk Flowers

In flower language a
Calla Lily means Beauty

For special orders please allow
up to
3 weeks for delivery.  If you
see RTS (ready-to -ship), we have
a limited quantity in stock please
inquire.  Need a bigger calla
Lily picture?  Let us know
what you need.

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The Calla Lily an elegant summer bulb is great for all seasons.  Are you thinking about having a Calla Lily themed wedding or just want to accent with calla lilies?  The Calla Lilies make great hand tied style bouquets, presentation style bouquets, table centerpieces,
boutonnieres',  corsages,  floral topiaries or beautiful floral accents on wedding cakes.

*Miniature Calla Lily

Orange Gold,
Apple Green

Stem:  21"

Flower Bloom:
3.5"-4" in length



$6.79 per silk stem
 (min. order 6 stems)

This silk Mini Calla Lily in Orange Gold is beautiful for modern or Autumn/Fall Weddings.Mini Green silk Calla Lily flowers.  Great for Wedding/Bridal Bouquets.
ivory cream, mini silk calla lily flower stemsmedium brown/chocolate silk Mini Calla Lily
Silk Golden Yellow calla lily stemsThese chocolate brown silk calla lily stems are very trendy.  Combine these beautiful chocolate brown callas with shades of pink, creamy whites or green colors for home arrangements, heirloom or vintage bouquets and wedding bouquets.


Golden Yellow,
Cherry/Chocolate Brown

*Long Stem
Calla Lily
orange/gold Stem: 36"
Flower Bloom: 6"
$7.99 per silk stem
(min. order 6 stems)

long stem orange gold calla lily silk flower stems

*Calla Lily Bud
Cream Green,

Flower Bloom:
4 3/4" in length

$7.49 per silk stem
(min. order 6 stems)
White Silk Calla Lily BudCream Silk Calla Lily Bud
Orange/Gold Silk Calla Lily BudPink/Green Silk Calla Lily Buds

*Petite Baby Calla Lily


This calla lily is a perfect size for smaller stem Calla Lily hand tied bouquets, Calla corsages, flower bracelets, boutonnieres', bouquets, cake toppers or small arrangements

Light Green,
Wine (also called eggplant),
Dusty Lavender,

Chocolate Brown,
New! Moss Yellow
Moss Yellow petite calla lily flower stems
Stem: 14"

2 3/4" in length
$3.79 per silk stem
(min. order 6 stems)
silk light green petite calla lilySilk Wine/Eggplant purple petite calla lilySilk green lavender petite calla lily
Silk burgundy petite calla lilySilk mauve green petite calla lilySilk White petite calla lilies
These chocolate brown calla lily stems are very trendy right now for all kinds of home and wedding bouquets especially when this chocolate silk stem is mixed with pinks and cream or a blue, cream and chocolate arrangementSilk Orange Gold petite calla lilySilk fuchsia pink calla lilies
*Calla Lily
Burgundy 30" $7.49 per silk stem
(min. order 6 stems)
Silk burgundy calla lily A372
*Navy Blue
Calla Lily
Navy Blue $6.99 per silk stem
(min. order 6 stems)
Ming (Blue/Green)
Calla Lily
ming blue green calla lily
32" $6.99 per silk stem ming, blue green calla lily
*Large Green
Calla Lily
Leaf Foliage
calla lily leaf
34" $6.99 per silk stem large silk calla lily green leaf foliage stems
*RED* Calla Lily
red artificial, silk calla lily
Stem: 29"

3.91" in length
$7.99 per silk stem red calla lily flower stems
 Calla Lily

artificial silk eggplant calla lily
$7.99 per silk stem artificial silk eggplant calla lily | PYOB flower bar

*denotes a special order silk flower stem
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