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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Which came first the flower or the vase?
A.    The flower, but the vase plays the supporting role.

Q.   What is the difference between the silk flowers at Pick Your Own Bouquet™
       and other store silks?      

A.    At Pick Your Own Bouquet™ we strive to provide our customers with a variety of quality
       silk flower stems that have a natural stem with well-balanced form, rich colors with botanically correct color
authentic textures, and make beautiful silk flower bouquets for beautiful homes and weddings.

Q.   Do you sell vases?
A.     Not at this time. Although a great product idea, Pick Your Own Bouquet™ feels
        that shipping vases (breakable contents) would not give our customers the
        product satisfaction they deserve. 

Q.   Do you have any vase suggestions?
A.    If you roll your mouse over any of the flower pictures on our PYOB Home Page, text will appear
       with basic vase and floral arranging suggestions.  Remember no special training is required just seek
       inspiration from home fashion, architecture, furniture, old photos, internet, TV, books and magazines to form what you
       like and dislike
and then trust your flower bouquet instincts!

Q.  Do you offer discounts to the trade? What discounts do you offer?
A.    Rather than just offer discounts to the trade Pick Your Own Bouquet™ offers a couple
       discount pricing programs that are volume driven and benefit all our customers.  For year
       round flower inspiration PYOB offers three discount and on-going promotions
Closeout Specials and
       Discounts by the Dozens
For bulk orders try our Request-A-Quote.   

Q.   Do you have any decorating suggestions for arranging silk flower bouquets?
A.    Keep your silk flower bouquet as natural-looking as possibleA casual elegance coupled with a modern
       simplicity is quite fashionable.  First of all, if you have a beautiful home you will want to skip fake dew drops,
       crafty low grade polyester material, very "waxy" stems that do not look real (cheap poly-stems) and waxy-stemmed
"drop in" bouquets.  If you want a beautiful silk flower arrangement, go with premium, natural silk flower stems and
that are botanically correct and indistinguishable from real flowers and pay the extra dollar.  For arranging we
       suggest using a glass vase to accentuate the quality of your flowers from stem to bloom and for that
       finishing touch and to anchor your flower stems consider adding polished
river rocks to the
       bottom of your vase.  The texture and natural earth tone colors will really pull the whole look
       together.  Acrylic water can also look very nice and natural it gives the appearance of faux water. 
Floral buckets are fun, easy and offer a casual look (for floral craft supplies visit our web page for floral supplies).     

Q.   Do you provide free samples of your silk stems?
A.     Pick Your Own Bouquet™ does not provide this service, however,
        no minimum order is required (does not apply to collections that use our
        special order purchasing service).

Q.   Why should I buy premium silk flowers at Pick Your Own Bouquet™?
A.     Here are the Pick Your Own Bouquet™ reasons why you should consider buying
         our silk flowers for your beautiful home or wedding and they are:
         1.  Our natural silk flower stems look real.
         2.  Our silk flowers offer beautiful, romantic and fashionable home accents.
         3.  Our silk flowers offer a better ornamental and "green" value--Style and Re-Style
         4.  You don't have to worry about trying to extend the vase life of your flowers.  Our silk flowers add beauty all year
offering a practical solution for using flowers in home fashion decor or for wedding keepsakes.
         5.  Our silk flowers offer a great visual effect making your home, office or special occasion brighter.
         6.  Our silk flowers offer the emotional effects uplifting spirits and moods.
         7.  Our silk flowers will add charm making your home a hospitable place to live
              and entertain!
         8.  Our silk flowers offer convenience and low maintenance.  No conditioning required or temperatures to maintain. 
         9.  Our silk flowers are versatile in home interior decorating allowing you to update and brighten your home
              fashions seasonally without having to spend a fortune on expensive new furnishings.
       10.  Our silk flower stems have vivid colors and are always healthy looking not pale, browning or spotted.
       11Our natural silk flower stems are allergen, bug-free, don't shed or faint and won't stain your clothing or linens.
       12.  Our silk flowers are environmentally friendly not requiring water, fertilizers, pesticides or fungicides.
       13.  Our silk flowers are not a commodity they are available year round in season and out of season and
              our prices don't fluctuate with the holidays or with the fresh flower auctions.
       14.  Silk flowers provide an alternate solution when you don't want to leave anything to chance such
              as in the event that a specific flower variety is not available in the quality or color you need or in a timely
You are a smart and savvy shopper, when it comes to buying home fashion accents, planning special events
              or a wedding celebration

Q.   Do you have any decorating tips for selecting the right flower bouquet for my
       home or office?
A.     We have some decorating tips for you to consider: 
        1.  Color, Color, Color
        2.  Pick your favorite flower type.
        3.  Depending on your home's style pick a matching collection's flower.
        4.  Pick a shade of white or a shade of green (going green is fashionable).  White can be casual, formal, classic or
             modern.  An all-white flower bouquet is beautiful or pick a white stem to complement other
             colorful blooms.  For green stems visit our Lemongrass Style™ Collection
which has a variety of
             green tones from the vibrant greens to the
very natural green silk stems, branches, foliages
             and ornamental grasses
        5.  In the room your decorating consider the lighting and wall color and its tone and from that pick a flower with a
             complimentary color tone.  You can find a lot of resources on the Internet on using
             the color wheel which will help guide you and assist you in matching up
             complimentary and harmonious colors.  Sometimes using paint chip samples can also help you.
        6.  Pick a flower by its shape, texture or scale and balance.
        7.  Consider how the flower arrangement will be used and where will it go.
        8.  When you see beautiful photos of flower bouquets or arrangements in magazines that you like, cut them out.
        9.  Establish a budget.

Q.  How many stems should I buy?
A.    Pick Your Own Bouquet™ specializes in all-one-flower bouquets.  Through our experience
       we have found that to make a full, beautiful, all-one-flower bouquet you need to have
       premium silk flower stems with great stem foliage and flower blooms (nothing flimsy) and an
       adequate amount of flowers in your vase or container.  Roses, Calla Lilies, Sweet peas, Peonies,
       Tulips or Hydrangeas all look great
massed together for a bountiful silk floral bouquet.
       If you already have your vase, there are two questions to consider in deciding the quantity of silk flowers
       that you should buy:
            1.  How wide is the mouth of your vase or container?  Let that be your guide.
            2.  Will you be using a small glass tumbler within a vase?  Then you would adjust the
                 number of flower stems accordingly.

       If you are making a bridal bouquet, most bouquets hold an average of 15 silk flower stems, however, there
       are variables depending on the type of silk flower used, bouquet style (hand tied, presentation, posy, etc.)
       and the stature of the bride or bridesmaid.  Flower bouquets usually range from one to three dozen flower stems.

Q.  What types of silk flowers, silk flower arrangements or plants do you recommend if
      staging a home to sell?

A.  Pick Your Own Bouquet recommends these keep it simple strategies:

  • Green Plants and trees (local pickup available Jupiter, FL)

  • Single Silk Flower Stems

  • Monochrome blended flower arrangements or a "monobotanical" bouquet (bunching a lot of the same flower together)

Scroll down for a Free home staging checklist of where to place flowers in your home or second home.

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Silk Flower Placement Checklist for home staging
ilk Flowers for Homes and Second Homes
Home Fashion Staging Checklist:


Kitchen Counters

  Dinner tables
  Occasional tables
  Hall tables
  Bedside tables
  Floor Displays
  Rims of a bathtub/Jacuzzi
  Bathroom counters
  Bookshelves and Wall Units
  Fireplaces (See our fire retardant foliages)


Silk Flowers for Weddings Checklist
ilk flowers for Weddings Checklist:


Bridal Bouquets

  Bridesmaid Flower Bouquets
  Corsages or Wrist Bracelets
  Flower Girl Flowers
  Ring Pillows
  Door Wreaths
  Table Garlands
  Pew and Chair Bouquets
  Alter Displays
  Arches, Trellises, Pergolas
  Chuppahs or Unity Candles
  Reception Flowers
  Cake Toppers
  Table displays
  Wedding Centerpieces
  Place Cards
  Table Markers
  Toss Bouquets
  Toasting Glasses for homes, weddings, arts, crafts, parties and special events

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