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Minimum order must be $100.00.
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PYOB Silk flowers for homes and second homes:  Kitchen Counters, Dinner tables, Occasional tables, Hall tables, Bedside tables, Floor Displays, Rims  of a bathtub/Jacuzzi, Bathroom counters, Bookshelves, Wall units and Fireplaces.

 PYOB Silk flowers for weddings:  Bridal Bouquets, Boutonnières, Corsages, Flower Girl Flowers, Bridesmaid Flower
Bouquets, Ring Pillows,  Door Wreaths, Table Garlands, Pew and Chair Bouquets, Alter Displays, Arches, Trellises, Pergolas, Chuppahs, Unity Candles,  Reception Flowers, Cake Toppers, Table displays, Wedding Centerpieces, Place Cards, Table Markers, Toss Bouquets, Toasting Glasses.

PYOB for homes, weddings, arts, crafts, parties and special events.

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